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Ny energikilde

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Medlem siden: 14 Okt 2007
Sted: Frederiksberg
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    Sendt: 17 Feb 2018 kl. 13:45
"We Can Now Harvest Electricity From Earth's Heat Using Quantum Tunnelling"

"There's actually a lot of energy going to waste here on Earth most sunlight that hits the planet gets sucked up by surfaces, the oceans, and our atmosphere. This warming leads to a constant leak of infrared radiation that some estimate to be as much as millions of gigawatts every second. Because the infrared wavelengths are so short, to harness them we need super-tiny antennas. According to the international team of researchers behind the new study, it's quantum tunnelling that could provide the breakthrough required.

Quantum tunnelling is a well-established phenomenon in quantum physics where a particle can get through a barrier without having enough energy to do so. One of the examples used most often is of a ball rolling up a hill: in classical physics, the ball needs a certain amount of energy behind it to get up the hill and over to the other side. But in quantum physics, the ball can tunnel through the hill with less energy, thanks to the positional uncertainty that's at the heart of everything quantum. How does this help in the construction of nanoscale antennas? It enables electrons to be moved through a small barrier, via a tunnelling device like a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) diode, turning infrared waves into current along the way.

The newly created MIM diode was able to successfully capture infrared radiation with zero applied voltage, so it only turns on when needed. While conventional solar panels can only harvest a small chunk of the visible light spectrum, being able to tap into all that excess infrared radiation as well would represent a revolutionary shift in energy production, a "game changer" in the words of the researchers. What's more, unlike solar power plants, these energy harvesters could operate around the clock, whatever the weather."

.. Og meget mere:

We can now harvest electricity from Earth's heat using quantum tunnelling (

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